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Walter Busse

Bahnhofstr. 4


8214 Bernau




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                                                                                    Hin/Lö                         04/06/88



Dear Mr. Busse,


We were glad to receive your phone call and to learn that you just cannot get yourself to stop dealing with metal forming technology even now!


In the meantime we have made progress in the development of our machines and are producing apart from horizontal machines – as the only company worldwide – now also vertical flow forming machines as well as the familiar flow and projection straightening forming machines, which are used practically for all common flow forming processes.


We will be glad to enclose some brochures to this letter so that you are able to inform yourself about the state of our technology and become current.


As you can imagine we frequently have development work that needs to be conducted in-house and we would welcome the opportunity to utilize your experiences - from time to time.  Should such an opportunity arise, we would get in touch with you.  Of course any expenses you incur would be reimbursed.


Should you be in our vicinity, we invite you to take a look at our operation to get a picture of the state of our technology.




H + H Metalform GmbH




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