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Table List of Key Contracts or Orders for the Al Furat Gas Centrifuge Manufacturing Facility

ItemCompanyDate of Order or Contract*
CNC MachineSchaublinNov. 16, 1988 (1st of several)
Aluminum alloy tubesVAWJanuary 19, 1989
Flow-forming MachineH+HJanuary 22, 1989
CNC turning machine for cylinder trimming with mandrelNeu-MagdeburgerJanuary 22, 1989
Aluminum forgings for upper cover, aluminum forged rings and discsMetalchemJanuary 22,1989
Maraging SteelEurocom (Malik)January 24, 1989
CNC-Electron Beam welding machine with a fixtureLeyboldJanuary 30, 1989
Oxidation furnace, lab oxidation furnace, vacuum heat furnaces, vacuum brazing furnaceDegussa/LeyboldFebruary 1989
Vertical and horizontal balancing machinesReutlinger and SohneMarch 21, 1989
Filament winding machineAlwo and RoschSeptember 9, 1989
Power suppliesSEGJune 11, 1990
Al Furat-B01InteratomNovember 7, 1989
Al Furat-B02ITSCSeptember28, 1989
Orders for centrifuge parts for prototype development
Centrifuge rotorsH+Hlate 1988
Centrifuge partsMatrix ChurchillApril 4, 1989
Centrifuge partsC. PlathSeptember 19, 1989
Centrifuge partsSchaublinOctober-November 1988
Carbon fiber rotorsRoschSecond half of 1989
* Exact dates refer to the date a letter of credit was issued

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